Free Canada / USA shipping on orders over $75


We understand that many of you have hit long waits or empty carts when trying to purchase our masks. Pomp & Ceremony is a three-person team and our six hands are working as fast as they possibly can to try and keep up with the demand. We appreciate your patience, understanding and support. 

As a result of COVID-19 Canada Post continues to experience service and delivery disruptions. We offer two options for delivery: $2 for regular delivery with no tracking, and $10 for delivery with tracking. While delivery times are out of our control selecting delivery with tracking may provide customers some ease of mind, as well as a clearer picture of when you can expect your purchase to arrive.

If you purchased a mask(s) with us earlier, you will notice our prices have slightly increased. Pomp & Ceremony started producing masks to help the general public as quickly as possible in response to COVID-19. We priced our masks at cost, as it was important for us to keep our prices low and have them be more financially accessible. Currently, there are shortages in supplies and gaps in the supply chain, which have resulted in premium pricing for materials. As a result, we have had to make the decision to increase the price on the masks by $2.